hotel property management software
Point of Sales :
Intimus POS is a comprehensive solution to the hotel's F & B requirements. Catering to all types of configurations – dine-in, takeaway or delivery, Intimus POS allows order management, tracking and billing. Orders can be taken on POS terminals as well as hand held devices and printed to multiple preparation locations. With ability to define and view the layout of your F & B outlet, it provides for a visual control of the outlet displaying status with colour coded displays. KOT display board enhances the service by permitting the waiter to view the standard presentation of any of the menu items before delivery. Preparation status of the order can also be updated on the KOT display board, permitting FOH staff to expedite the delivery,
Ability to accept table reservations and advance order processing improves service. Maintaining guest demographic data as well as order data allows to know guest preferences and do effective marketing and service provision. Integration with core modules enables two-way communication giving access to billing instructions and online posting of checks to Guest Ledger. Integration with Inventory, Recipe Costing, Par Stock and F & B Control modules provides management information for reordering, costing and variance monitoring.