Inventory Management
Inventory Management :
Intimus PMS simplifies inventory management to a large extent and makes tracking of purchase and sales accurate. There are numerous operations in inventory which happen simultaneously, these include sales through point of sale terminals, room service, purchase of food and beverages, other room related consumables and durables. Tracking all these activities can be difficult and if not tracked adequately can result in revenue leakage, wastage, and theft.

A good inventory management system helps a hotel predict demand and supply rate with great accuracy and reduces the chance of error, it also helps a hotel access business intelligence, plan expenditure and keep a tighter control on profit. inventory management also facilitates Supplier management and provides information such as: Supplier Performance – Allows hotel managers to choose better performing Suppliers by tracking information such as time of delivery time, accuracy of delivery, cost effectiveness etc. Supplier Accountability – Ensuring a Supplier delivers the right shipment and hotels. An integrated inventory management system allows hotel managers to pinpoint errors in delivery with great accuracy and make Suppliers accountable for their own action. Order Management – to prevent bothoverstocking and stock outing situations