hotel property management software
Reservations :
Reception Module for a quick check-in for individuals as well as groups. Integration with Reservation, Sales & Marketing and Guest History provides accuracy and efficiency. Upon check-in, receptionist can open multiple folios and set credit limits. Guest related services such as safe deposit, late check out, wake up calls and guest messages are handled. Integration with passport readers eases the check in process by automatically reading data from passports and updating guest profile, including image saving. Integration with signature pad allows paperless process. Single screen check-in process provides for quick check in, with minimum information required to be entered at the time of check-in. Additional information can be added at leisure.
Reception Desk :
The system incorporates a tape chart which provides a view of room status and availability over any period of time. It is possible to optimise occupancy with streamlined room allocation and blocking directly from the tape chart by selecting available dates. Registration cards can be printed either during reservation or while the guest is checked-in. Reservation advances with auto transfers are also possible during guest check-in, another key feature is the ability to provide advance payment cancellation with retention charges.
Sales & Marketing :
S & M module maintains corporate customer details, quotation and special services offered. Sales executives can enter and review sales calls made on customers. Integration with core modules allows monitoring customer performance.
Cashiering :
Cashiering module provides a comprehensive range of functions to handle: Posting of Checks & Room Charges, Advances, Receipts, Refunds and Discounts. All transactions are properly audit-trailed. Ability to register non-room guests, open additional folios as required and transfer charges from one folio to another are some of the unique features. Ability to directly accept multiple currencies as well as integration with payment gateways further simplifies operations.
Night Audit :
Night Audit module allows the Night Auditor to check all revenues and collection postings to ensure accuracy and completeness of transactions. The module has a plethora of reports to assist the auditor in his tasks. A userdefinable audit cut-off procedure allows all operations of the hotel to continue without break even when the audit and day close procedures are going on. It also allows different revenue centres to operate independently of each other. Night Audit integrates with Daily Revenue reporting module to report revenue & collection reports.
Explorer Interface :
A totally new user interface in the form of an Explorer type design, allows a single screen view to the Receptionist, Cashier and Housekeeping to find information and post charges. In fact, for most of the front office operations, this is the only user screen that needs to be the open, to complete operations. This interface permits various inquiries and searches, including guest history in one single screen, generating statistical summaries at the click of a button.
Transport Management :
Manage your transport fleet efficiently and accurately with the transport management module to schedule and manage guest/staff transport requests. You can now plan scheduled trips as well as register ad hoc requirements. You can assign transport requests to specific vehicles / drivers and with a visual planner, easily see availability and status of any vehicle or driver.
Management Reports :
Intimus report provides a valuable tool to give sales, collection and occupancy information, comparing actual daily, MTD and YTD figures with Budgets and Last Year figures, to the top management on a day-today basis. Integrated with the Front Office and POS modules, it automatically picks up the data and provides accurate and matching information.