Financial Management
Financial Management :
Intimus Financials are based on the Uniform System of Accounting for Hospitality Industry. Based on double entry book keeping principles of accounting, Intimus Financials maintains five basic day books: Bank, Cash, Sales, Purchase & General Journal. interactive connection Accounts Receivable Picking up basic data from subsidiary ledgers AR module monitors customer outstanding, allows for collection forecasting, statement of accounts, reminder letters and ageing analysis of receivables.
Interactive connection Accounts Payable Picking up basic data from subsidiary ledgers AP module ensures prompt supplier payment by supplying payment due reports. Other exhaustive analysis report help monitoring supplier performance, volume analysis and credit analysis interactive connection General Ledger It has facilities for multiple cash & bank accounts, bank reconciliation, post-dated cheques etc. Subsidiary and General Ledger are a result of postings the basic day books. Integration with other modules provides data for revenue accounting, customer invoicing, supplier bills, depreciation and material consumption. MIS Reports consist of Department-wise profitability, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Budgetary Variance Reports. The users can define all reports.