Intimus Canteen POS
  • Intimus Canteen POS has been designed to help canteens to cater to customer rush in a short span of time and still manage to serve them properly.
  • Canteen POS promotes a Cashless transaction model whereby canteen customers are offered a prepaid or postpaid account.
  • A canteen card is provided to registered customers who proceed to use the card to pay for the purchases.
  • Upon settlement, the balance of customer accounts is automatically reduced. This allows the canteen cashier to quickly settle the transactions.
  • The accounts can be topped up at the customer’s convenience – either at the point of service or through an on-line payment gateway.
  • Canteen operator can offer either post-paid or prepaid cards.
  • He can also extend temporary credit facilities to prepaid card customers.
  • A statement of account can be provided to customers so that they can track their consumption. Facilities can also be provided to customers to know their consumption by menu items consumed.
  • Intimus Canteen POS can use a variety of cards including Mag Stripe card, RFID cards etc.
  • You can also register cards issued by another entity such as a school or company ID card etc. to avoid duplication of card making efforts.
  • Intimus Canteen POS is ideal for schools, offices, industrial canteens etc.
  • where large number of consumers need to be served in a short time such as a school recess or office lunch break.